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Buying precious metals for your IRA can be complicated.  Which account custodian should you use?  Which dealer will treat you fairly?  Which coins or bars should you buy? Where should you store it once the purchase has been made?  Keeping track of the fees associated with each group involved is no easy task, either!  Rust Coin has simplified the process for you.  Our goal is to remove the confusion and ensure that you have the best experience and are offered the best value when buying precious metals for your self-directed IRA. We have partnered with New Direction IRA and Brinks, Inc. to provide you the best in pricing and service and allow you to store your precious metal locally in Salt Lake City.

First, watch this short overview video on the basics of placing precious metals in your IRA.




Step-By-Step Guide To Acquiring Precious Metals In your IRA

gold ira Step 1 - Open and fund your IRA. It takes New Direction IRA one to two business days to open your account once your application is in the office. Then, you will fund the account with a rollover, transfer, and/or contribution. This may take several weeks depending on your current custodian, so plan for that in your timetable.

Step 2 - Fill out a Buy Direction Letter and Depository Election Form, then submit it to NDIRA.

Step 3 - Contact Rust Coin for pricing and to place your order. You can check current pricing at any time by visiting our gold or silver pages. Rust Coin will send an invoice to NDIRA and to you.

Step 4 - NDIRA pays Rust Coin from the IRA funds. NDIRA sets up an account at Brinks Salt Lake in the name of the IRA. Metals are delivered by Rust Coin to Brinks Salt Lake.


Fee Breakdown

New Direction IRA


Accounts below $100,000
• Year 1 - Set up account and make first purchase $190.00
• Following year(s) $75.00
• Additional transaction ($40) and wire ($25) fee $65.00
Accounts at or above $100,000
• Year 1 - Set up account and make first purchase $240.00
• Following year(s) $125.00
 • Additional transaction ($40) and wire ($25) fee $65.00

Click here for Fee Schedule details.



Rust Coin

No additional fees. Our fee is built in to the cost of the coins or bars you purchase.



Brinks offers two different options for storage.

Co-mingled storage is when your precious metal is stored with other account holders' metal within a vault.

Compare this to depositing/withdrawing cash at a bank. Although you can withdraw the same amount of cash that you have previously deposited, the dollar bills (think serial numbers) will be different than what you deposited. 

Segregated storage is when your precious metal has its own dedicated space within the vault.

With either option, every ounce of precious metal exists tangibly in storage. These are not "on paper only" accounts. Fees listed on the table below are charged annually.


Co-mingled Storage
• Accounts under $125,000 $150.00
• Accounts over $125,000 Account value X .0012
Segregated Storage
• Accounts under $125,000 $250.00
• Accounts over $125,000 Account value X .0020