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Bishop's and General Tithing


Because of a lack of cash in the valley in the first few years, much of the tithing was donated in kind. The General Tithing Storehouse, established in Great Salt Lake City in 1850, distributed the donated merchandise.  In addition to storing the donated goods, the storehouse served somewhat like a retail store, except that most of the goods were exchanged rather than sold.  People could bring in their excess items and exchange them for other items they needed.  Workers on church projects were given credit for their labor and could draw provisions.  The Church issued tithing scrip in denominations of 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, and $1. This tithing scrip was payable in kind and was a convenient method of distributing produce and meat from the storehouse. (Rust pp. 164 - 172)

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5 Cent Meat F
10 Cent Meat RRC F-VF
10 Cent Meat With Overstamp RRC VG
25 Cent Produce RRC F
5 Cent Produce RRC VF-XF
10 Cent Produce RRC VF-XF
25 cent produce VG-F
25 Cent Produce RRC F
50 Cent Produce RRC F-VF
10 Cent Meat RRC AU
5 Cent Produce RRC XF-AU
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